Twitter Updates for 2008-03-25

  • Judging quality of vodka cocktails for Lubitsch list. Bottles look like oversized viles of essential oil. Better not taste like patchouli. #
  • The Kinky Laska won by unanimous decision. En route a cat y fiddle. V. Nice out here. Now. #
  • i’m so pissed off about the war right now. it’s embarrassing. and i haven’t even seen frontline. Still can’t get over "Rumsfeld’s War." paz #
  • @garyvee still waiting to hear about WLTV wknd in Paso Robles or other points SoCal. Only then will i consider ur team ;D #
  • [utterz] Photo: LAPD killed a man this a.m. Who allegedly lunged at an officer with a knife. Cu #
  • nice muxtape @kthread! here’s mine: #

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