• Twitter, Utterz mentioned in AFP piece on "micro-blogging": http://tinyurl.com/5vujlm #
  • Old skool rap inundates bus depot speakeasy. Where girls can wear those gloves #
  • my hed hertz and must eat somewhere now. waaa. then first baseball game of season! Wearing Obama/Dodgers T: http://tinyurl.com/6r5rs3 #
  • @zadi yes happening here too. @ajvchuk also mentioned. I wanna know who’s following so i can folo back. Great new pic, btw *snapsnapsnap* #
  • Difference b/w Wrigley and Dodger stadium: no bikini-clad hotties in sight. Also half empty here. And dodger dogs are SO omg overrated #
  • Annoying lets do the wave guy with gucci sunglasses – photo at http://twitxr.com/andy/updates/29557 #