• very pleased to see predominantly optimistic words in my Tweetcloud. following up on @rickrey and @drewolanoff. — http://tinyurl.com/5opqyf #
  • @samharrelson noticed that earlier first time i went to m.twitter bookmark. MUST leave work – band in studio is ruining Cheap Trick songs. #
  • @vruz slowly but surely, free wins. the dough is in services and enterprising, no? Remember the Cygnus Solutions motto: http://rurl.org/nin #
  • @carolineoncrack since when is the LA Times a veritable source of information? Call the place to confirm. Better yet, call Diddy ;P #
  • Dear U.S. Government: why are we NOT so free to move about the country? 850 more flights canceled?!? RANT: http://tinyurl.com/55xenh #
  • Im with @baratunde. Want Xobni for gmail. Its not as useful on my corprate Outlook inbox. BTW, I still have a few Xobni invites #
  • Great shots of @AFineFrenzy by Joey Maloney: http://tinyurl.com/6p49vl #
  • @rickrey they’re nothing more than moving photos, er, motion pictures, right? At least they kept the E in "video" #