• how I popped my Twitter cherry (oh the irreverent memories) for @rickrey’s research project: http://twitter.com/netZoo/statuses/1086063 #
  • Nice, @jacobsoboroff! @whytuesday FTW!1! (feat on @rocketboom today). #
  • This everyone tab will be handy when im brushing up on Japanese. Kinda wish it was All Yalls sted everybody #
  • Convinced that any yahoo related tweet (especially those w/o the !) are really next-gen Rickrolls. P&G buys B&J? Bueller? McFly? #
  • my boss thought the Kosuke Fukudome shirt i got in the mail was about "fuck-u-dome" and loved it. thought Rob Zombie would be proud. oy vey. #

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