• Westwood Wi-Fi leechability on the fritz. Bustin seekrit bonus work shift and no way going to star$’s. Why no VPN access w/ 3G USBcard, ATT? #
  • @michaelpilla I believe it’s a Chevy ad, but that’s cool that the kid thinks it’s a Benz 😉 "Lazy Eye" is a great, great tune, imho. #
  • Finally home with warm breezes, echoing sounds of distant dogs barking, red wine, a book a guitar a pen a mobile phone uh huh huh #
  • @mikeprasad exactly what I was thinking. seeking wi-fi, outdoors, ocean breeze. ideas? i’d say my place but gonna get hot in echo park #
  • @chefjoanna my problem has never been talking while driving — it’s the texting and rss feed reading + photogging. get me a driver, Arnie! #
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