Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

  • At the wilshire. Digital LA. Just for a lil bit but im hungry! also curious bout validity of @veronicas tweet. will the real RA pls stand up #
  • @los_anjalis i love Arches too but Bryce Canyon is my fave. Magical! #
  • Thanks @dsarno for picking up the phone and getting the interview we’ve been waiting for. And kudos to LAT and @busblog for not crashing! #
  • @chrisbrogan I was just thinking of planning a party celebrating 33 1/3 years of living in fact. Now who has actually *seen* a 78? #
  • wait up a Jersey minute. Free shippin on some 90-plussers? We’re going to Spain baby. I’m in! You da man @garyvee. #
  • Nice one @kyrareed. Ill have to check out Saturna ASAP. #
  • @Rafe why not show them the latest build of Netscape? #
  • @ChefJoAnna try Kaldi in Atwater. It’s a most-lovely wi-fi enabled destination (w/ outdoor seating even). Try the cold press. #
  • @hollyk is there a live stream for the NPR station you’re listening to? We don’t get ToTN until late night here #
  • @1timstreet @arielwaldman I’m seriously considering AdTech, though it looks like I’ll be paying my own way. can we help each other out? #
  • @eecue that was the next president, er, um, John McBush… #
  • @eecue "America must be a model citizen if we want others to look to us as a model,” McCain said in downtown LA*choke* *gag* [at FIDM]?? #
  • to folo up on @BreakingNewsOn via 3 firefighters injured after reported explosion at manhole cover near LAX… #

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