• Decompressing, waiting for @carolineoncrack and Dre at Enterprise Fish in SaMo. S’gonna be a long week. good chance of scattered awesomeness #
  • Being a bastard music snob, i feel i once again must pervert that Arcade Fire cut back to its Eddie and the Cruisers origins. Sorry. Kinda #
  • Halp stuck in middle of 2G1C explanation at bar in venice. Becks "Nausea" is playing. um. yeah. help #
  • welcome @mattdeco. vinyl sales are up. Q: what recent record most blows you away on vinyl yet sounds flaccid when digitally compressed? #
  • yay @whytuesday, @epicfu, @laughingsquid and all the other Webby Award noms http://tinyurl.com/5g4u9x #
  • amused after scrolling thru “Why We Twitter” PowerPoint by UMBC eBiquity group (link to abstract): http://tinyurl.com/23ywyv #