• Small world: grabbing drinks with someone whos cubs flickr photo i used. Turns out she had long been a WOOZradio listener and now lives near #
  • for sure @alanataylor – where to send? btw, LOVIN’ your Twitter song! — people go on and sing along: #
  • @dotben overturned vehicle 80 west at freemont @ 22:55. ambulance responding. #
  • @rtkmusic nice one. I couldn’t resist. and are me ;-P #
  • still have the invites, ‘fraid i was breaking twitter while playing with brightkite (cool, potential++) and socialthing (swallowed my tweet) #
  • @mjlambie O prazer é meu as they say in Portugues #
  • seems everyone was up til 4a.m. emailing, being inspired, and perhaps inebriated. awesome. I bought two domains cuz i dont know, passed out. #
  • Is there a way to automate my r&d into automating numerous tasks/processes at work? I can haz template design by osmosis? AutoAPIintegration #
  • @brianhumphrey welcome back, sir! You mean were not supposed tn be at 97 percent panic level for the next 27 years? #
  • Katy Perry srsly cracks my shit up! Pink vinyl baby. NO. Ur so gay! – photo at #

By Andy Sternberg

Andy Sternberg is a digital strategist and marketing specialist with a focus on enhancing interactive and user experience through content and social media. He's been tweaking content and music-related websites since the '90s and has a Master's in Online Journalism. He's currently the head of Social & Digital Media at Rotary International. Find him on Twitter @andysternberg.