Twitter Updates for 2008-04-01

  • well it worked, @digidave — x 2! about the most enthusiastic I’ve ever looked inside the Annenberg Lobby I must say… #
  • No, its not only that u say ‘anywhoo’ – in emails! – its just not gonna work out #
  • I love how April Fools stretches like 40 hours long. About as long as the MSM reports as Breaking Today in Iraq, or Cleveland for that mattr #
  • OH: Hieroglyphics never had more than 140 chars., yo #
  • wtf @ChefJoAnna is it April Fool’s or Groundhog Day? #
  • rendering video with fingaz crossed. @veronica was a teency bit intimidating of an interview cuz she’s so damn cool. yes, even for a geek. #
  • @NicoleJordan omg say hi to Hollywood for me? #
  • Woah, @seanpercival. I hope it doesn’t mean a day full of @jasoncalacanis puppy rolls – dem dogs will hunt. @NicoleJordan — Holly… wha? #
  • my internet was KIBOSHED at midnight 4/1/08 during a Rick Roll. But I still blame it on Time F’n Warner. Bring back customer serivce fockers #
  • i’m in ur foolz, skippin ur linkz, eatin ur prezdidnts #
  • Wait, whut? Nick Denton just inherited Playgirl?!? #
  • You know its April Fools when Congress puts the oily-garchs on trial #
  • seriously though, why can’t you schedule GMail to send e-mails at a future time / date. You are so NOT funny, Google, it hurts. #
  • my interview with @Veronica outside Community Next is live. Enjoy. #
  • surprised to see first entry in for entitle is "to give a title to." I HATE when people say "the new album, entitled blahblahblah" #
  • thanks @rhetor @jerrytaft for the kind words. And @jasoncalacanis for the x-post and inventing the "puppy roll." #
  • Woah. @viss is one scary mofo: #

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