Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • I can’t stand all these lame 90’s references: "The Tonya Harding option!?!" Olbermann covered yesterday and now @jdlasica heard on ABC. cmon #
  • this is the night i left wide open to catch up on projects before a big wknd. But first I want to grill a steak and crack a bottle of wine. #
  • nice one @viss. I first saw from @drtiki – way cooler than the screenwashing boobies. (tweetscan): #
  • @Pedal grab the "bookmarklets for any browser" and drag up to bookmark toolbar on Safari — #
  • @acarvin bittorrent, like mesh networking, can be compared to a spoke-hub airline map. Postal service of the future. Kinda #
  • Att 3g running nice. 1800 down, 1050 up on Aircard while in motion on the 10. The U8810 aircard is becoming my "car-camping" moblog tool #
  • @bre first job was video rental clerk. On my 2nd day we had to dump all the Traci Lords porn. I was 14 and had no idea the significance. #
  • @bre 1983 toyota cressida. 1st wknd we camped out for Guns n Roses tickets and then immediately spun out on ice in middle of town. RWDFTL #
  • suffering through one of those FireFox CPU overloads — waiting for last two sentences to render in post and praying for no crash. Arrggh! #
  • I’m blowing off steam at HRC this a.m. To sum up in 2 words: "GO AWAY." check it out: #
  • @marcohansell yeah, GoDaddy really sux, imho. No advice for you there other than maybe try Bluehost: #
  • @baratunde AT&T’s Sierra 881 USB Aircard has been treating me right as long as in good 3G cov’g zone ~1mb up & down: #
  • sometimes it’s $5 less to fly First Class rather than coach on VirginAmerica. WTF? I may just pocket the difference and fly American #

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