Twitter Updates for 2008-03-24

  • via @tigerbeat, as AP has it, 4,000 U.S. have been killed in Iraq as of Sun. nite. #
  • Music fans go for Wikipedia 2 to 1 over MySpace. So is it time to CC-license some more audio? The audience rulez, no? #
  • @chefjoanna but did u get Bozo’s Twinkies? I was on the grand-prize game once or twice… my big breakthru was being painted as the Hulk tho #
  • I’ll be there @kevlar – was lucky to jump on an early bird tix & would love to see you in the fray. pass me that hat! #
  • Ill say it now: Living Well`s the Best Revenge is one of best opening cuts since Begin the Begin and later Song Against Sex R.E.M. iLike FTW #
  • @garyvee when ya gonna do a WLTV wknd in Paso Robles? Happy to help set up and bring LA posse up (its perfectly b/w the Bay and LA)! #
  • 8am monday and @carolineoncrack is blogging about new cocktails at Seven Grand. You gotta LOVE it! Crackhedz r us 😉 #
  • did you ever have a question so dumb you asked it twice? did you ever have a …. ??? sorry, y’all. iced coffee = liquid crack #
  • 3-day pass to SF Outside Lands Fest = $233 now onsale. Ouch, but sounds like SO much fun. Radiohead+ but JackJohnson— #
  • @1timstreet see ya there – cat n fiddle 7:30ish. I’m d/ling my vids on Revver and reposting to Blip (w/ x-post) any betr ideas? #
  • omg @missrogue I’d love an insider report on exactly how many times that’s happening in the NYT newsroom as result of Nussenbaum’s column. #
  • @agahran I’ve been getting ~1Mb down AND up on AT&T’s 3G network. Surprisingly wide coverage tho maybe not Boulder yet: #
  • good SAI post by calacanis. cityblogs need regional/niche ad reps too. relying on Adsense stiffs the writers = content quality suffers. #

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