Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03

  • @jpostman ive been happy with lately. No size/time limit. #
  • Hey LA peeps: should i give LAMill a second chance or just hit Intelligentsia. ISO coffee, wifi, love and parking #
  • it’s actually raining. WOW, they were right for once. Dodger’s haven’t rained out in 8 years, may not be school tmrw, LAX on Orange Alert #
  • I love how goes directly to an 18-year old dude in an AC/DC shirt’s MySpace page. #
  • looking out Work window, seeing if twitxr still works – photo at #
  • @crazywanda well muxtape does host/stream mostly copyrighted content. see the viva la wild west-esque terms: #
  • In the spirit of GPD Id like to acknowledge some awesomeness: @boogah @elsamary @miguel23 @ccg @shainla @dotsiobhan heres to you! #
  • @ccg on couch at support desk of place apparently with manicures, pedicures and massages for staff at 4pm. And cupcakes. Obscure, but true. #
  • Lunch field trip over. I have 18,000 emails to delete now. what a waste of imap server load and nutritional bandwidth. cupcake was good tho #

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