Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04

  • OMG – @garyvee really started something with the hip-hop meme. Lil’ Jon started a wine label? WHAAAAT??? YEEEAHHH! #
  • looks like mostly right blogosphere on that @sgtret – you’d think Carl Bernstein would have exposed this in his book if true. then again… #
  • ‘Grats @loiclemeur on acquiring @twhirl. Most useful AIR app (for me) to date. Hmmm… mobile seesmic w/ twitter? bring it! #
  • @chrisbrogan time to define multispazzing v. multitasking? #
  • @chrisbrogan "BEST" is relative. just keep rolling and It only gets BETTER, imo. + insert cheesy cliche/70’s anthem refrain #
  • lemme step back from that and reiterate. this is the BEST Good People Day EVAR @chrisbrogan @garyvee @yermom @presidentobama @futurewife #
  • what @thekid said was awesome. Wow. Big shout out to @thekid. Never forget the moron bowl (#SXSW08). Never forget. #
  • @pixcom I’ve been getting by with only Ooma, Skype, and mobile. No land line. But very hard to trust the ISP monarchs for 100% connectivity #
  • @pixcom that would be GrandCentral, I believe. But don’t think they’ll let me invite any more peeps. Unless they’re homeless, apparently #
  • Did a thorough cleansing of but it’s still showing up as having BadWare. Can anyone help? #
  • Email is enough (if not too much). No more $ @BarackObama until u give me a way to opt out of these spammy, glossy-pulped snail mailers. Thx #
  • attn: — very weird error going on here: #
  • seriously, @qubitsu, guess I won’t be hooking up hotel/flight package for 2.0 expo w/ those fools. #
  • @adamhirsch i ordered from @garyvee via Fast, reasonable, and, yeah it `brings the thunder` ! #
  • i cant BELIEVE theres no subway anywhere near the west half of LA in this day and age. slowrollin gets old real fast #

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