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Mattel Launches SCRABBLE® Facebook App Outside North America

Talk about late to the game and then having the table pulled out from under you. What’s the point? Just gauging the interest? Still in cahoots with the developers of Scrabulous or perhaps working on some sort of partnership / licensing agreement?

Either way, before bothering to read the articles on the first-ever Hasbro-licensed online Scrabble game (in both the NY Times and Mashable), I figured I’d just launch right into it. I never imagined it would stack up in anyway to Scrabulous, but, as a Social Media experiment, felt it was my duty to at least try it.

Not until AFTER I installed the App on my profile do I get the following message:

scrabble facebook app

The Scrabble legacy is a complicated one. Turns out Mattel has worldwide distribution rights, ex-US and Canada, whereas Hasbro controls the game in North America, as Rafat Ali explained at PaidContent. Mattel partnered with Real Networks last year to produce “casual games,” and purportedly either take over, co-opt, or otherwise undo Scrabulous, however, Hasbro, for its share, has a conflicting digital agreement with Electronic Arts.

I’m not gonna lie about my location just to play your silly game — after all, I’ve got the deluxe, tangible edition right here. Just please don’t make Scrabulous go away!


Twitter Updates for 2008-04-05

  • I agree @miguel23 re: McCain. Republicants who actually DO apologize are completely unelectable. Keep the boos goin — McC is a fraud. #
  • bringing lazy Saturday back in style. Hard core. And I think i need to get a Fukudome shirt before they sell out. #Cubs may the BBQs begin #
  • Ooh… nice to hear that older Saul Williams jig on that last commercial. sync is where it’s at — give it to the people, rip off the corps. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04

  • OMG – @garyvee really started something with the hip-hop meme. Lil’ Jon started a wine label? WHAAAAT??? YEEEAHHH! #
  • looks like mostly right blogosphere on that @sgtret – you’d think Carl Bernstein would have exposed this in his book if true. then again… #
  • ‘Grats @loiclemeur on acquiring @twhirl. Most useful AIR app (for me) to date. Hmmm… mobile seesmic w/ twitter? bring it! #
  • @chrisbrogan time to define multispazzing v. multitasking? #
  • @chrisbrogan "BEST" is relative. just keep rolling and It only gets BETTER, imo. + insert cheesy cliche/70’s anthem refrain #
  • lemme step back from that and reiterate. this is the BEST Good People Day EVAR @chrisbrogan @garyvee @yermom @presidentobama @futurewife #
  • what @thekid said was awesome. Wow. Big shout out to @thekid. Never forget the moron bowl (#SXSW08). Never forget. #
  • @pixcom I’ve been getting by with only Ooma, Skype, and mobile. No land line. But very hard to trust the ISP monarchs for 100% connectivity #
  • @pixcom that would be GrandCentral, I believe. But don’t think they’ll let me invite any more peeps. Unless they’re homeless, apparently #
  • Did a thorough cleansing of but it’s still showing up as having BadWare. Can anyone help? #
  • Email is enough (if not too much). No more $ @BarackObama until u give me a way to opt out of these spammy, glossy-pulped snail mailers. Thx #
  • attn: — very weird error going on here: #
  • seriously, @qubitsu, guess I won’t be hooking up hotel/flight package for 2.0 expo w/ those fools. #
  • @adamhirsch i ordered from @garyvee via Fast, reasonable, and, yeah it `brings the thunder` ! #
  • i cant BELIEVE theres no subway anywhere near the west half of LA in this day and age. slowrollin gets old real fast #