Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03

  • @jpostman ive been happy with lately. No size/time limit. #
  • Hey LA peeps: should i give LAMill a second chance or just hit Intelligentsia. ISO coffee, wifi, love and parking #
  • it’s actually raining. WOW, they were right for once. Dodger’s haven’t rained out in 8 years, may not be school tmrw, LAX on Orange Alert #
  • I love how goes directly to an 18-year old dude in an AC/DC shirt’s MySpace page. #
  • looking out Work window, seeing if twitxr still works – photo at #
  • @crazywanda well muxtape does host/stream mostly copyrighted content. see the viva la wild west-esque terms: #
  • In the spirit of GPD Id like to acknowledge some awesomeness: @boogah @elsamary @miguel23 @ccg @shainla @dotsiobhan heres to you! #
  • @ccg on couch at support desk of place apparently with manicures, pedicures and massages for staff at 4pm. And cupcakes. Obscure, but true. #
  • Lunch field trip over. I have 18,000 emails to delete now. what a waste of imap server load and nutritional bandwidth. cupcake was good tho #

Cubs Win; Wood Wishes to Keep Wrigley Analog

kerry wood cubsI’ve heard all the stories about Kerry Wood, party animal. Dude blew his arm out a million times, got pudgy and then became skinny as can be. He still has an arm, and although he makes me nervous as hell with his proneness to injury, he was awesome at the end of the ’07 season.

But the real reason I love Kerry Wood, is that he is a true CUB. Case in point: After shrugging off the cheesy Trevor Hoffman-esque concept of having a theme song play upon the entrance of a hard-throwing closer, Kerry came to play in the 9th, in spite of the non-organ-ized version of AC/DC’s “Dynamite.”

“I’ve never heard music played here,” he said…. Wood said he would prefer to hear Wrigley organist Gary Pressy “tickling the ivory” than music coming over the loud speakers.

Let it Be, Cubs marketing team. Now keep on winning.

March ’08 photo by Felicity Redwell via flickr.