Recent Videos on Copyright Reform

An interesting request appeared on my desk this morning to put the 2007, Danish-produced video Good Copy, Bad Copy onto DVD. I was surprised I haden’t seen it yet — it’s quite good, and includes interviews with Girl Talk and Danger Mouse, music by RJD2, Santogold and more. Entertaining! Check it. Oddly, it doesn’t appear to explicitly be Creative Commons licensed or otherwise (which under U.S. law indicates that it is “all rights reserved” by default) however it is available for download in multiple formats via

Also check out the most recent (I think) Creative Commons vid on CC and Commerce from November 2007: Continue reading “Recent Videos on Copyright Reform”

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-01

  • well it worked, @digidave — x 2! about the most enthusiastic I’ve ever looked inside the Annenberg Lobby I must say… #
  • No, its not only that u say ‘anywhoo’ – in emails! – its just not gonna work out #
  • I love how April Fools stretches like 40 hours long. About as long as the MSM reports as Breaking Today in Iraq, or Cleveland for that mattr #
  • OH: Hieroglyphics never had more than 140 chars., yo #
  • wtf @ChefJoAnna is it April Fool’s or Groundhog Day? #
  • rendering video with fingaz crossed. @veronica was a teency bit intimidating of an interview cuz she’s so damn cool. yes, even for a geek. #
  • @NicoleJordan omg say hi to Hollywood for me? #
  • Woah, @seanpercival. I hope it doesn’t mean a day full of @jasoncalacanis puppy rolls – dem dogs will hunt. @NicoleJordan — Holly… wha? #
  • my internet was KIBOSHED at midnight 4/1/08 during a Rick Roll. But I still blame it on Time F’n Warner. Bring back customer serivce fockers #
  • i’m in ur foolz, skippin ur linkz, eatin ur prezdidnts #
  • Wait, whut? Nick Denton just inherited Playgirl?!? #
  • You know its April Fools when Congress puts the oily-garchs on trial #
  • seriously though, why can’t you schedule GMail to send e-mails at a future time / date. You are so NOT funny, Google, it hurts. #
  • my interview with @Veronica outside Community Next is live. Enjoy. #
  • surprised to see first entry in for entitle is "to give a title to." I HATE when people say "the new album, entitled blahblahblah" #
  • thanks @rhetor @jerrytaft for the kind words. And @jasoncalacanis for the x-post and inventing the "puppy roll." #
  • Woah. @viss is one scary mofo: #

Radiohead Says: ‘Remix Me’

Flip over a new page in Radiohead’s innovative In Rainbows adventure. Welcome the Radiohead Remix Web site, where anyone and everyone is invited to mashup, remix, and geek out “Nude,” the second single from the album.

It’s not exactly a Creative Commons take me and rape me scenario, like the fully remixable tracks on Nine Inch Nails’ Ghost but it is cool…. even if it involves an elaborate partnership with Apple:

If you purchase all five ‘stems’ from iTunes during the first week they’re available, you’ll be sent an access code to a GarageBand file ready to open in GarageBand or Logic. However, you don’t need GarageBand to do a remix, all the stems are in iTunes Plus format and compatible with several music software platforms.

Fans vote for their favorite remixes but I can’t seem to listen successfully in Firefox. Interesting promotion Radiohead… or is it… Apple?

UPDATE: Lx7 gives further analysis of the restrictive Terms underlying this “contest.” Ouch.

h/t LAT Soundboard