Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • I can’t stand all these lame 90’s references: "The Tonya Harding option!?!" Olbermann covered yesterday and now @jdlasica heard on ABC. cmon #
  • this is the night i left wide open to catch up on projects before a big wknd. But first I want to grill a steak and crack a bottle of wine. #
  • nice one @viss. I first saw from @drtiki – way cooler than the screenwashing boobies. (tweetscan): #
  • @Pedal grab the "bookmarklets for any browser" and drag up to bookmark toolbar on Safari — #
  • @acarvin bittorrent, like mesh networking, can be compared to a spoke-hub airline map. Postal service of the future. Kinda #
  • Att 3g running nice. 1800 down, 1050 up on Aircard while in motion on the 10. The U8810 aircard is becoming my "car-camping" moblog tool #
  • @bre first job was video rental clerk. On my 2nd day we had to dump all the Traci Lords porn. I was 14 and had no idea the significance. #
  • @bre 1983 toyota cressida. 1st wknd we camped out for Guns n Roses tickets and then immediately spun out on ice in middle of town. RWDFTL #
  • suffering through one of those FireFox CPU overloads — waiting for last two sentences to render in post and praying for no crash. Arrggh! #
  • I’m blowing off steam at HRC this a.m. To sum up in 2 words: "GO AWAY." check it out: #
  • @marcohansell yeah, GoDaddy really sux, imho. No advice for you there other than maybe try Bluehost: #
  • @baratunde AT&T’s Sierra 881 USB Aircard has been treating me right as long as in good 3G cov’g zone ~1mb up & down: #
  • sometimes it’s $5 less to fly First Class rather than coach on VirginAmerica. WTF? I may just pocket the difference and fly American #
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Gallup Survey Results Show Lack of Solidarity in Dem Base


The whole Karl Rove tactics talk is all funny until you see that the Democratic candidates for president really may be beating each other up so bad that — assuming Obama wins the nomination — nearly 30% of Clinton supporters polled would defect from the party and support McCain. Unbelievable. And with McCain being such a weak candidate, this bodes even worse for the Democratic party in state and local elections. Once again — the two party system proves to be B.S. and it comes down to the lesser of two evils for most voters.



Twitter Updates for 2008-03-26

  • At the wilshire. Digital LA. Just for a lil bit but im hungry! also curious bout validity of @veronicas tweet. will the real RA pls stand up #
  • @los_anjalis i love Arches too but Bryce Canyon is my fave. Magical! #
  • Thanks @dsarno for picking up the phone and getting the interview we’ve been waiting for. And kudos to LAT and @busblog for not crashing! #
  • @chrisbrogan I was just thinking of planning a party celebrating 33 1/3 years of living in fact. Now who has actually *seen* a 78? #
  • wait up a Jersey minute. Free shippin on some 90-plussers? We’re going to Spain baby. I’m in! You da man @garyvee. #
  • Nice one @kyrareed. Ill have to check out Saturna ASAP. #
  • @Rafe why not show them the latest build of Netscape? #
  • @ChefJoAnna try Kaldi in Atwater. It’s a most-lovely wi-fi enabled destination (w/ outdoor seating even). Try the cold press. #
  • @hollyk is there a live stream for the NPR station you’re listening to? We don’t get ToTN until late night here #
  • @1timstreet @arielwaldman I’m seriously considering AdTech, though it looks like I’ll be paying my own way. can we help each other out? #
  • @eecue that was the next president, er, um, John McBush… #
  • @eecue "America must be a model citizen if we want others to look to us as a model,” McCain said in downtown LA*choke* *gag* [at FIDM]?? #
  • to folo up on @BreakingNewsOn via 3 firefighters injured after reported explosion at manhole cover near LAX… #

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-25

  • Judging quality of vodka cocktails for Lubitsch list. Bottles look like oversized viles of essential oil. Better not taste like patchouli. #
  • The Kinky Laska won by unanimous decision. En route a cat y fiddle. V. Nice out here. Now. #
  • i’m so pissed off about the war right now. it’s embarrassing. and i haven’t even seen frontline. Still can’t get over "Rumsfeld’s War." paz #
  • @garyvee still waiting to hear about WLTV wknd in Paso Robles or other points SoCal. Only then will i consider ur team ;D #
  • [utterz] Photo: LAPD killed a man this a.m. Who allegedly lunged at an officer with a knife. Cu #
  • nice muxtape @kthread! here’s mine: #