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Come Chuck Out My Muxtape


Photographer and web designer Justin Ouellette launched muxtape today and me and some friends have been referring each other to one another’s muxtapes this morning via twitter.

You can upload up to 12 songs on muxtape and listen to it or pass along the URL for others’ streaming pleasure. Muxtape has one specific rule, which is a classic that I’ve always insisted on as well (ok, at least per side of any mixtape): “Users may not upload multiple songs from the same album or artist…”

I’m not the only one loving it, since going live this morning, muxtape has “4000 songs, 2000 users, 7 hours,” according to Justin.

Go ahead and listen to my muxtape.


Twitter Updates for 2008-03-24

  • via @tigerbeat, as AP has it, 4,000 U.S. have been killed in Iraq as of Sun. nite. #
  • Music fans go for Wikipedia 2 to 1 over MySpace. So is it time to CC-license some more audio? The audience rulez, no? #
  • @chefjoanna but did u get Bozo’s Twinkies? I was on the grand-prize game once or twice… my big breakthru was being painted as the Hulk tho #
  • I’ll be there @kevlar – was lucky to jump on an early bird tix & would love to see you in the fray. pass me that hat! #
  • Ill say it now: Living Well`s the Best Revenge is one of best opening cuts since Begin the Begin and later Song Against Sex R.E.M. iLike FTW #
  • @garyvee when ya gonna do a WLTV wknd in Paso Robles? Happy to help set up and bring LA posse up (its perfectly b/w the Bay and LA)! #
  • 8am monday and @carolineoncrack is blogging about new cocktails at Seven Grand. You gotta LOVE it! Crackhedz r us 😉 #
  • did you ever have a question so dumb you asked it twice? did you ever have a …. ??? sorry, y’all. iced coffee = liquid crack #
  • 3-day pass to SF Outside Lands Fest = $233 now onsale. Ouch, but sounds like SO much fun. Radiohead+ but JackJohnson— #
  • @1timstreet see ya there – cat n fiddle 7:30ish. I’m d/ling my vids on Revver and reposting to Blip (w/ x-post) any betr ideas? #
  • omg @missrogue I’d love an insider report on exactly how many times that’s happening in the NYT newsroom as result of Nussenbaum’s column. #
  • @agahran I’ve been getting ~1Mb down AND up on AT&T’s 3G network. Surprisingly wide coverage tho maybe not Boulder yet: #
  • good SAI post by calacanis. cityblogs need regional/niche ad reps too. relying on Adsense stiffs the writers = content quality suffers. #
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SF Outside Lands Fest: Too Good to Pass Up?


I originally felt that I couldn’t handle being in one corner of Golden Gate Park even if Jack Johnson was playing on another, but now that more of the artist lineup has been announced for this August’s Outside Lands Festival, the temptation is killing me. Early-bird tix are available now via Radiohead HQ.

When they said that Lollapalooza-type festivals would be criss-crossing the country eating each other up, they weren’t kidding. But what could be better than an August weekend in Golden Gate Park with the music accoutrements of (for starters):

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Google Streetview South Side of Chi

This just gives the wrong impression of the South Side of Chicago — but it’s probably the best laugh I’ve had thanks to Google Maps Streetview. And to think, it’s mere blocks from Sox Park. Courtesy Good Magazine blog.