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FireEagle — This Could be Cool

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And hopefully much will be released at their event next week at SXSWi. Until then, however, this is about all you can do (that and hook it up to your dopplr account.

Thx to Scott Beale for the FE invite!

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BarCampLA-5 Was a Blast

Best BarCampLA to date? Quite possibly. There were some amazing presentations — Hopefully presos / audio, etc will be posted online soon. I hosted PowerPoint Karaoke and almost died laughing. There was a very well used gong. Vinyl was spun, there was a Rickroll Train, a Rockband rocktackular, even a couple sessions delete with food artistry and consumption. Read my post from Day 1 at LAist. Check out the photos via flickr:


The FreeYrRadio SXSW Rock Planner

Took about 45 minutes to pick some things I’d like to get to with this planner. We’ll see how it works out… I’ve laid out a bunch of my plans for SXSWi/Film at Way too much stuff. And I can never play by such schedules, y’know?

See you there?