What Happened to Ping.fm?

UPDATE: Ping.fm’s Sean McCullough posted in GetSatisfaction that the problem is indeed a mess-up by — wait for it — GoDaddy. The Ping bots are still at work behind the scenes for users with bookmarklets, etc.

The ever-popular multi-microblog posting site Ping.fm is currently showing up as a GoDaddy spam page (see screenshot). I presume this is a temporary mistake as I’ve seen nothing indicating otherwise and I know the Ping.fm guys to be responsible Web 2.0ers who wouldn’t accidentally let their domain name lapse… what could it be? Am I just up too late and spying a late-night migration?

is ping.fm down?

I landed at the mysterious GoDaddy page after clicking a link from this recent Steve Rubel tweet, fwiw:

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  1. hi can i ask? basically i connect all my networks via ping.fm and run them through rss feed… I wonder right now it wasn’t working… is there something wrong about ping.fm? or have you also encounter same as I do? thanks!

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