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.me Domain is On Sale, But Will GoDaddy Swipe the Good Ones?

I sure hope not. I’m not-so-patiently waiting to process my order and have been for about 30 minutes now. Have I reason to worry? Well, it was not so long ago that a VP at GoDaddy was caught bidding against prospective buyers of highly-desired domain names on GoDaddy’s own auction site. Don’t let me down again, GoDaddy.

UPDATE: Order finally went through via Safari browser. I’ll be a little late to work though, so,, and cause it’s all about

UPDATE 2: An hour later I found out that all six of my “registrations” FAILED.

just got e-mails confirming that all SIX of the domains I

By Andy Sternberg

Andy Sternberg is a digital strategist and marketing specialist with a focus on enhancing interactive and user experience through content and social media. He's been tweaking content and music-related websites since the '90s and has a Master's in Online Journalism. He's currently the head of Social & Digital Media at Rotary International. Find him on Twitter @andysternberg.

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I pre registered for a domain thats a waste of time if i am going to be out bid now only the rich can get a one word domain. It should be first come first serve like before.There were some menu domains I was not even allowed to pre register for so how is it that now everything is up for bid?

Is there any value in a .me domain or is just a way for the registrars to make some extra cash from time to time?? Not to mention are more expensive than the other TLD
smth is not right here..

Sounds like trouble….

A few friends tolled me the same thing happened to them as well.

But I don’t think it’s a scam. They just have serious problems with their infrastracture. So let’s see who will get the domains now….

So did you finally got your domains?

I bought two, the order is processed (paypal send the money) but still they are displayed as free to register, plus they are not in my control panel…..

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