Crashes My Firefox 3 Every Time I Try to Register a Domain

I tried GoDaddy once years ago and absolutely hated it. But today I decided I wanted to register a .tv domain today and it seemed that GoDaddy had the most reasonable rate (advertised at $15.99). But every time I click “proceed to check out” Firefox bugs out. Anyone else have this problem? The conspiracy theorist approach would be to blame GoDaddy’s CEO, whose VP of domain auctions, auspiciously named Adam Dicker, was recently found to be gaming the domain name bidding system.

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  1. Yes – I was having the SAME problem. Go to “Add Ons” under the “Tools” menu, go to Plugins and disable the Silverlight plugin – this will fix your problem.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the SilverLight plugin (possibly a beta version) was causing FF3 crashed when visiting Go Daddy. Try to upgrade that plugin if you’re using it (or disable it completely).

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