Sarah Palin Effigy Hanging in West Hollywood

This is in very bad taste. If you are not a fan of Sarah Palin, I recommend ignoring her existence entirely. Not only is this lame attempt at a joke in poor taste — and not only in light of reported Obama effigies (most recently at a Christian university in Oregon — but acknowledging Palin in such an extreme way (or any way) only gives her more credibility / recognition. As it is there will be no shortage of Sarah Palin drag queens at this week’s Halloween Parade. Ugh… From tonight’s CBS2 news:

“I know if we had done it with Barack Obama, people would’ve probably
thrown things through our windows,” [creator of the display Chad Michael] Morrisette said. “The image of a hanged black man is a lot more intense than the image of a hanged white woman — for our country — in the history of our country.”

“It should be seen as art and it should be seen within the month of October. It is Halloween. It’s time to be scary. It’s time to be spooky,”
Morrisette said.

CBS/KCAL is the only network to report on this, even though it was pointed out as early as Thursday by WeHo News. The display is on this house at the corner of Fountain Avenue at Orange Grove.

UPDATE: West Hollywood Major Jeffrey Prang commented on my post of this story at LAist:

I respect that we all have the right to freedom of speech. However, with that right comes responsibility. While these residents have the legal right to the display of Senator McCain and Governor Palin, I strongly oppose political speech that references violence – real or perceived. Politics in America has become extremely polarized in recent years and we all have a responsibility to focus on our political differences in a thoughtful, and peaceful manner. I urge these residents to take down their display and find more constructive ways to express their opinion.

Mayor Jeffrey Prang
City of West Hollywood

Chad Michael Morrisette Named Olbermann’s ‘Worst Person in the World’

5 Replies to “Sarah Palin Effigy Hanging in West Hollywood”

  1. Perfect, now we know where the queers live. How dumb were they to let this hit the national news. Time for a payback on the queers!!

  2. I just changed my mind. I will NOW be voting for McCain/Palin. If this shows the mentality of Obama supporters, you can count me out. This guys house on fire would be a scary thing at holloween also. Any takers?

  3. Offensive to Gay Sensibilities
    As a gay man, an ardent supporter of Barack Obama and a volunteer for No on 8, I am deeply troubled by the image of the Sarah Palin mannequin hanging in effigy in West Hollywood. I detest this woman and everything she stands for, but this shocking and ugly image does not reflect my values, nor, I believe, does it reflect the spirit of freedom and equality that West Hollywood represents. The people who did this should not need to be reminded of the power of hate and the danger of such displays.

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