Upgrading to Google Voice from GrandCentral

UPDATE: See below for sample audio / transcription sample — not perfect, but then again, not the easiest call to translate…

A week ago we learned that GrandCentral would become Google Voice with an exciting overhaul and rejuvenated Google-esque UI. And now the opportunity has arrived to upgrade my account.

BUT — here’s the slightly annoying part — my archive doesn’t transfer to the new Google Voice site — I need to access old information and voicemails at GrandCentral voicemails migrated to Google Voice. But hey — Google even gave me a dollar ($1)!!!

Also, I have to re-record my Google Voice greeting and re-integrate other settings. Lame. But I’m psyched to actually have a reason to use GrandCentral Google Voice at last!

Help me test the transcription by leaving a message — the widget above will send you directly to my Google Voicemail.

Here is one [joke] call and subsequent (pretty hilarious) transcript:

hi this is carrie sherman from T R I A A settlement center we are looking for an individual named net C U N E T Z O R O who has been avoiding service process it in a file sharon case due to the fact that trip here at working isn’t radically it copyright infringement therefore this is missus last chance to respond to listen appear prior to the entry of it default judgment in the amount of twelve million five hundred sixty two thousand dollars carry sherman can be reached at the settlement center one eight hundred R I A A L A debbie that is one eight hundred seven for two two five two everything nothing contain sharon or omitted there from shall be construed as a way for mission of any right remedies release or other claims that may be home by the message weaver

Screenshots of the GrandCentral migration and Google Voice interface below. And sorry — I still don’t have any invites!

UPDATE per @googlevoice: “Yes people are still calling into our invite hotline. (408) 72-VOICE. Leave a funny message for an invite :-)”

upgrade google voice grandcentral

upgrade google voice grandcentral

upgrade google voice grandcentral

upgrade google voice grandcentral

upgrade google voice grandcentral

2 Replies to “Upgrading to Google Voice from GrandCentral”

  1. Have you noticed that the new google voice site is slooow? I upgraded and noticed the missing archives, but the new design is so slow that it is frustrating to use. Is it just me?

    1. It is very slow for me as well. Also, I miss the slick and convenient controls of Grand Central… I'd cling to Grand Central until they pull out the plug.

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