Using Social Media for Positive Reinforcement: #lovetheclimate giveaway

Over the past few weeks of completely ignoring this blog and much else outside the scope of my work with Live Earth I’ve been swirling in social media madness surrounding our #lovetheclimate giveaway. It’s Global Climate week and we wanted to come up with a fun, positive way to get the word through to U.S. Senators that we need to pass a comprehensive climate bill. And soon. Preferably before the UNCCC in Copenhagen this December. Below are segments of my posts on the giveaway — I’d love it if you could share something. Either way, you’re welcome to enter.


Love, The Climate GiveawayEnter to win great prizes in our “Love, The Climate” Giveaway by Friday, September 25!

We’ve received hundreds of incredible submissions answering the question: “What would the climate have to say if it were happy and healthy and had a voice?” and thanking our senators from a bright and sunny future for creating a world full of green jobs and renewable energy.

Here’s what you can do:

Post to the Facebook Page
lovetheclimate twitter Tweet a message to your friends with the hashtag #lovetheclimate
magnify Upload a video
flickr Add a photo to our Photo pool
Leave a voicemail at 347-422-6392 or click the Google Voice widget, enter your number and our voicemail will call you!

You AND the environment can WIN!

U.S. Senators are returning to work and the climate is back in the limelight. Join in our “Love, The Climate” Giveaway before the Climate Bill goes to the Senate floor.

You could win the Grand Prize: a 2010 Schwinn NX7 Commuter Bike! 10 First Prize winners will receive a “Climate Love Pack” — one Inconvenient Bag stuffed with practical and fun eco-friendly goods including: An EcoStrip; samples from Chivas Skin Care; a 33oz, stainless steel EcoUsable water bottle; a Lucky Earth Waterless Car Wash kit; a Solio hybrid charger and case; a To-Go Ware set; a Wally One from the Woolly Pocket Gardening Co.; and a Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook.

Click here for more info and to enter.

NOTE: You must fill out an entry form by Friday September 25 11:59pm PT to be eligible for the grand prize or ten first prizes!

Recent Submissions


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“Love, The Climate” Loves

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