GrandCentral to Become Google Voice. Finally!

google voice not quite ready yetAs a lucky (or just crazy) early adopter who snapped up a Grand Central number, I’ve been waiting a couple years for Google to finally do enhance the service. I did notice last week that the GrandCentral Facebook App had gone blank.

Tonight, Google Voice was announced, but still — I can only log in the old-school GrandCentral way. The screenshots and features are awesome. And they’re even talking voice mail transcription. But again I must ask — when can I REALLY have my Google Voice?!? Supposedly at some point today [Thursday] according to Barron‘s and others.

GrandCentral finally to change to google voice

More on the news here, here, and here. Now let’s see if it all functions and is available at some point today, as promised! And will I be able to finally invite more people to use the service again?!?

grandcentral invites

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  1. The main roadbump to start using Google Voice is how to get all your friends and business contacts to start using your google number instead of your normal one!

    I think Avakit can solve this though!! It helped me a lot when I changed jobs… otherwise it would have been a nightmare to sit and think of every person in the world who I need to send my new contacts to! Now I just need to add my google number…

    highly recommend it

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