Riverbend: Raided in Baghdad

The teenage Iraqi blogger known as Riverbend, author of Baghdad Burning, a series of blog-posts at NYTimes.com and her own blog, posts anectodal details of a raid by Iraqi police this week on her house and neighborhood.

Riverbend concludes:

It’s almost funny- only a month ago, we were watching a commercial on some Arabic satellite channel- Arabiya perhaps. They were showing a commercial for Iraqi security forces and giving a list of numbers Iraqis were supposed to dial in the case of a terrorist attack? You call THIS number if you need the police to protect you from burglars or abductors? You call THAT number if you need the National Guard or special forces to protect you from terrorists? But?

Who do you call to protect you from the New Iraq?s security forces?

Breathtaking. Read it.

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