US Airways Flight 1549 Crashes in the Hudson River (TwitPic from Nearby Ferry)

twitpic from ferry of USAIR flight 1549 in the Hudson River by jrkums

Preliminary reports indicate that US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency landing in the Hudson River soon after takeoff from LaGuardia around 3:20 EST. It’s suspected that a flock of birds flew into the engine, windshield, or otherwise interferred with the plane prompting the emergency landing, which, according to witnesses was impressively controlled.

This photo tells the story so much better than anything else. Actually seeing people getting off onto the floating escape chutes is the most relieving sight possible. News outlets are still scrambling for details. It appears that all passengers and crew were rescued — dry. I am currently watching live coverage via ABC 7 Online in NYC.

Photo by Janis Krums aka jkrums via TwitPic (which is currently down).

UPDATE: Check out this video 4 minute clip from the scene below:

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