Eggs over-easy w/ a side of death

At least 120 people are dead after an Iranian military plane carrying mostly journalists crashed into a ten story apartment building in Tehran.

The pilot radioed for an emergency landing shortly after take-off at which point it crashed. All 96 on the plane were killed and there may be many more fatalities on the ground.

NPR is reporting from an Iranian source that SANCTIONS against Iran are to blame for the inability of the government to update parts on their antiquated stock of C-130 planes from before the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

No report yet on the “technical problems” resulting in the plane crashing into a residential building.

In Iraq, at least 30 Iraqi police are dead and scores are injured after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in an Iraqi police academy classroom this morning.

Condoleezza Rice admitted today in Germany that Washington “may make some mistakes” in the war on terror. She did not mention, however, whether or not the administration will acknowledge, admit to, or make not of said “mistakes.”

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