Derelict Dick

I don’t care if Dick Cheney goes buck wild and goes on a great West Texas shooting spree. As long as the administration continues to casually veil their dirty truths from the public — it remains unclear whether the Veep’s office intended to EVER release details of Dick’s misfirings — death at the hand of Dick’s jumpy gun remains more likely than liberty. Seems more likely that the Corpus Christi Caller‘s Jaime Powell will be accused of endangering national security for filing the original report on a tip from ranch-owner and BushCo sponsor extraordinaire Katharine Armstrong. As WSJ’s Law Blog points out… Harry Whittington, the 78-year old “peppered” by the Veep’s shotgun blasts, has his own beef with eminent domain. Perhaps this explains the WH conclusion that it was all Whittington’s fault, y’know, getting shot and all.

Meanwhile, illustrating how the Cheney administration has veiled its failures in Iraq, Dahr Jamail comments on this weekends “security incidents.” It appears that Kirkuk ain’t Kansas, Dorothy.

Among the barrage of lies is the White Houses original denial that Jack Abramoff attended a 2001 White House meeting with the president, among others. Matthew Cooper breaks this down in Time.

JABBS summarizes the statements of Republican Congressman who have questioned the legality of Bush’s wiretapping program.

If in fact Scooter Libby was authorized to leak information regarding then-covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson by his superiors (read: Dick Cheney or George W. Bush), in no way should Cheney remain in power, as DNC Chairman Howard Dean expressed Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation (transcript).

Sens. Reed (D-RI) and Allen (R-VA) agreed that Cheney should indeed by tried for his role in “Plamegate” on FOXNews Sunday (transcript).

In a compelling article in the March Commentary magazine, Gabriel Shoenfeld considers the legal implications of James Risen and Eric Lichtblau’s original December article and compares it to the upcoming espionage trial involving members of AIPAC.

Cheney can shoot himself in the foot all he wants, but its time something is done regarding the unethical, constitution-breaching, and deficit plundering policies of this administration.

I’ve said enough…. as the Sans-culotte blog points out, the U.S. is preparing for a potential “war on blogs.”

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