Cheney Reaction

While the majority of the blogosphere remains hung up on the ridiculous “hunter’s judgment factor” that resulted in the Vice President shooting a friend in the face at close range, the White House carries on with its quasi-isolationist ignorance and socially regressive budget realignments.

Ol’ Scottie Mac directed some frustration in Cheney’s direction according to members of the White House journo-jungle including WaPo’s Dana Milbank and the Trib’s Mark Silva. What better can we expect when the Big Time and Boy Genius are managing press relations.

Monday Night’s late shows were all over it indeed, but moving on —

The politically ineffective Ibrahim al Jaafari has been appointed Prime Minister of Iraq through 2010 — primarily because Moqtada al Sadr and other radical Shi’ites joined forces with him. Still awaiting word from the White House on the latest consequence to “freedom on the march.”

Also, an article in today’s Washington Post reveals that Bush’s insane budget plans would cut crucial health care components . This while also taking funds necessary to keep the Environmental Protection Agency’s libraries open.

Point being, even if Cheney decides to jump off a bridge at this point, the downward spiralling presidency is in full force. If McClellan has his way, he’ll have reporters raising hell about the Cheney story for two weeks in lieu of dealing with more important international policy and domestic budget / energy & oil profit-abuse related issues. Funny, innit?

By Andy Sternberg

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