McClellan: Bush DID Authorize NIE Leak, Plamegate

The Scott McClellan story implicates the president with such red hands, it almost seems like the White House will be set on fire by it’s two-term disaster of a tenant solely to incinerate all of the evidence. I exaggerate, of course. But on several talk shows today, one day after leaked the juiciest bits from his upcoming autobiography, “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception,” McLellan said what he never had a chance to explain to the press or even Patrick Fitzgerald: Bush personally and explicitly authorized Cheney and Libby to anonymously leak the bogus 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on WMD in Iraq to select members of the media such as Judith Miller, Matt Cooper, and Robert Novak:

We’ve thought this to be true for years — though it only officially appeared that Cheney asked Bush — and it was also noted in a preview of McClellan’s book by the AP last November. But just to put some closure on the issue — here it is from the horse’s former mouth-piece.

Can’t wait to read Dan Froomkin‘s recap of McLellan’s coming out.

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  2. Well, Mr. Preznet, maybe they are afraid of being left out of being invited to junior’s next “informal” and “off the record” press conference. Or being bitch-slapped and ignored for nearly four years like they did Helen Thomas.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking that the White House press corps is now made up of the “Main Steam media” that the far right is always complaining about. The liberal media would have taken him to task.

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