Dissecting President Bush and ex-VP Gore’s meaty speeches

Al Gore tore apart the media for failing to represent the founding father’s concept of “marketplace of ideas.” Gore fears that democracy is being put at risk by cable and satellite television in this must read.

George BushPresident Bush invoked September 11 several times, and shocked every secular and non-Christian nation in the world with his statements supporting his War in Iraq:

Click Transcript and video of Bush’s speech:

Today the White House followed up with its list of 10 terror plots “foiled”

William Arkin wonders if Bush and al Qaeda share the same objectives in his column in today’s Washington Post.

This morning’s New York Times editorial board feels insulted and utterly amazed by Bush’s rhetoric.

Der Spiegel encourages all to get creative with Bush’s “words from God.”

Would you know… Scott McLellan denies that Bush made the “God” statement, adding that these allegations are absurd. They probably were, but STILL.

The White House also apparently received a Happy Ramadan note from bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Lots to wrap our minds around this weekend.

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