State of the Union Preview

presented by the Upright Citizens Brigade, LA.

funny stuff. (watch).

UPDATE: From Radio Open Source, your invite to Blogs of the Union (If you don’t have a blog, feel free to write yours here):

Write your State of the Union ? a paragraph, a post, your description of how America?s doing ? and include somewhere the acronym ?BOTU.? Leave a link in the comment thread below, or we?ll find it on Technorati.

Words and Phrases you may not use:
Bush, Administration, Iraq, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive, Republican, Democrat, FISA, Abramoff, Culture of Corruption, Culture of Life, Cultural Inheritance, Inheritance Tax, Treason, Kerry, Rove, Israel, Palestine, Sunni, Shia, Kurd, Shari?a, Gore, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008, MSM, CIA, FBI, Dean, James Frey, Kanye West, Katrina, Fox, Liberal Bias, Mehlman, Delay, Unemployment, Interest Rates, Housing Starts, Schwarzenegger, Kennedy, Adjustable-Rate Mortgage, Red State, Blue State, Shriver, Darwin, Cindy Sheehan, Freedom on the March, Cut and Run, Boots on the Ground, Michelle Malkin, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Flyover States, East-Coast Elite, Middle America, the American People or Synergy.

For further shits ?n? giggles, truthout presents the Bush Speech Drinking Game:

Drink a beer after every lie. Drink a beer every time Bush says ?freedom,? or talks about September 11 as if those attacks had anything to do with Iraq. Drink two beers after every wildly unrealistic assessment that has no basis in fact. Drink a beer and a shot every time he says ?Nukular.? Two beers, a shot and a kick to the head every time he thanks the troops around him for the sacrifices ?we? know must be made.

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