Hijacking Democracy (updated)

I can’t help but fault BushCo’s misconception of “democracy” and how incredibly difficult and unnatural it is to force it upon the complex, old world societies of the Middle East.?

Did the administration not read up on their history? Democracy can never thrive if its open to all. Islamic radical movements have historically exploited democratic elections to gain theocratic power. See Iran and Algeria in the 80’s, among others.

Mubarak has wisely resisted political reforms despite the nudging of the U.S.?– the recent Egyptian election displayed wide support for candidates affiliated with the muslim brotherhood.

Likewise, Bush cannot encourage democracy while allowing for racist or terrorist candidates in the vein of Hamas or say, the KKK or David Duke.

Perhaps he’s subconsciously realizing his inabilities to uphold the basic tenets of democracy?

I definitely felt tinge of hypocrisy when Rice said democracy and terrorism don?t mix. The so-called “Quartet” more formally addressed this issue today: “?there is a fundamental contradiction between armed group and militia activities and the building of a democratic state.”

But just last summer in Cairo, she said: “Now, we are taking a different course. We are supporting the democratic aspiration of all people?.”

No, Abbas doesn’t have to step down? but consider him powerless hereafter. Especially with Fatah taking it to the streets.

Hamas won because of it’s ability to allocate “blood money” to social welfare and religious community causes. Can they tame themselves?

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