U.S.: Female Iraqi Detainees Freed…. No Connection to Jill Carroll

The U.S. does or does not want to free journalist Jill carroll? Argue all you want, journalists in Iraq shouldn’t be martyred as heroes more than soldiers…

Truth, however – soldiers aren’t heroes because they dissappear, they do not return in flag-draped coffins as far as the public can see…

Sounds like Ms. Carroll did just fine on her own — why release Iraqi detainees and claim no connection to the still detained Carroll… is it a “negotiating with terrorists” taboo from the same government that gave birth to quasi-enemy Hamas???

Friday’s Guardian:

The US military freed five women detainees in Iraq yesterday, but officials denied any connection with the demands of kidnappers holding the American journalist Jill Carroll.

The women freed yesterday were among about 420 detainees due to be released after a US-Iraqi review panel decided there was no reason to hold them. “The case of the women detainees is a legal case and it has nothing to do with the case of the American journalist,” an Iraqi justice ministry official told al-Jazeera television.

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