White House: “Setting the Record Straight”

In yet another truth-shattering address to reporters, Scott McClellan said that Sen. Joseph Biden’s (D-DE) plan to withdraw troops, published in Saturday’s Washington Post, mirrors a plan that the White House has established.

Today’s White House press is defensively headlined “Setting the Record Straight”.

Neither our troops nor Congress, are crying for accountability now; you insist on “passing the buck,” but dare you LISTEN?

Saddam Hussein will be on trial this week, and HIS men have plenty of cash, weapons, and a strong will to kill. That’s what Iraqi national security advisor Mowaffaq al-Rubaie told Reuters today.

Eight Sunnis were arrested Sunday – by IRAQI police, according to AP, before they were able to assassinate the presiding judge in the Hussein case. Best take all that surveillance of your al-Qaeda has beens now, lets “set the record straight” – this war is against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

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