President Almighty: DeLay “Innocent”

George W. Bush should have no concerns about his legacy with three years to go considering his self-identity as a chosen one, who’s heckuva job henchmen can do no wrong in the eyes of God. FoxNews viewers no doubt let out a sigh of relief as Brit Hume reported:

Bush said that he is not confused about how he got into office.
“There’s a difference between a personal relationship with an almighty and kind of this notion in some quarters of the world that some have God as directing policy out of the White House,” Bush said.
“I think I was chosen by the American people and I knocked on their doors an awful lot in 2000 and 2004 … I do pray that I, to the best extent possible, that God’s will shines through me as an individual, but I don’t subscribe to that God picked me over somebody else,” he said.

The Heretik has a lovely illustration to accompany the statement here.

by Charles Pugsley FincherJim VanderHei of the Washington Post (who inadvertently implicated Hadley as the source of the Plame leak to the ignorant hosts of MSNBC’s Hardball this week) expanded upon Bush’s statement regarding the already-indicted-with-trial-date Tom DeLay:

President Bush said yesterday he is confident that former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) is innocent of money-laundering charges, as he offered strong support for several top Republicans who have been battered by investigations or by rumors of fading clout inside the White House.

Think Progress has more of the discussion — apparently Bush’s declaration of DeLay’s innocence came but a few seconds after he told Hume: “I want this trial to be conducted as fairly as possible. And the more politics that are in it, the less likely it?s going to be fair.”

ReddHead at firedoglake wonders if the term “jury tampering” means anything to the president, then demands action from the press corps:

If the press doesn’t collectively rise up in today’s briefing and demand answers from Scott McClellan, then there is no hope at all for public accountability.

Not to mention, The Constitution’s checks and balances as they were intended.

[file under: “You’ve Gotta be Kidding Me.”]

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