Obama Sweeps on 1-Year Anniversary of Campaign

Sen. Obama won convincingly in the popular vote in Nebraska, Washington caucuses, Louisiana and Virgin Islands primaries. NYT. His “victory” speech in Virginia below:

Also, Mark Cuban wrote a post yesterday endorsing Michael Bloomberg for president. Nice to see Bloomberg’s name bandied about again, but personally I’m pulling for an Obama-Bloomberg ticket.

UPDATE: Obama had another spectacular caucus showing today to beat Hillary in Maine and also beat Bill Clinton (among others) to win his second Grammy for best spoken word, this time for The Audacity of Hope.

One Year Ago: Obama Declares

2 Replies to “Obama Sweeps on 1-Year Anniversary of Campaign”

  1. Could happen, but only if Obama’s willing to piss of his party by going with Bloomberg. Personally, I’d love to see it. I think the thinness of his speeches that people are picking up on recently (whether he has what it takes to back them or not has yet to be seen) could be concreted by Bloomberg’s presence and record of somebody pushing partisanship aside to put the best people in place to solve problems, tough problems that should not and can’t keep being ignored.

    But if Obama doesn’t pick him up, or if the Democrats don’t end up picking up Obama, we’re all going to hope we’ve got someone like Bloomberg in the race.

    If you want to see Mike Bloomberg run, tell him so. Sign the petition at http://www.DraftBloomberg.com

    You might like to check out this video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UarY9f2Apdo

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