About Those Dates…

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Over the past week I went on four dates as outlined in this RFP by Caroline on Crack.

Last night I debriefed Caroline and explained why I’m too much the Hallmark skeptic and romantic realist (or something) to follow through with the picking of a “winner” for grand prize Valentines date.

Read about my crackdates here (Pt. I) and here (Pt. II).

I commented:

What can I say? A Valentines second date would just feel too contrived. Besides, after months of dating myself I’m now convinced that I’m ready to cut things off and start dating other people. I really did enjoy each of my crackdates.

Yeah, I can be a cheesy mofo. But as an old friend once said: it would take a strong, strong man…. As another old friend once said:


Since we’re here, I’ll add these exclusives: 1) I think I’m hooked on dating; 2) I CAN turn off my cellphone off and forget about it for up to 6 hours; and 3) Girls still like me.

Photo by 7-how-7 under Creative Commons license.

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