VIDEO: Obama Thanks Campaign Staff at Chicago HQ

He speaks to his staff after Hillary suspends her campaign and it’s immediately posted to YouTube. It’s a gracious, seemingly unscripted speech. “We would have been happy to latch on to the Clinton campaign had she won. But now, we have no choice. We HAVE TO WIN.” The transparent presidency, FTW!

I love when he encourages the staff — which he acknowledges may not all be of drinking age — to take the weekend to “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out, cause we’re gonna come back on Monday and work twice as hard.

Cue Mick & Keith.

via Politico

Over the long-run of Gallup’s tracking of Obama vs. Clinton, with daily surveys, Obama ramped up dramatically over the last 3 months of the campaign. How dramatically will the Obama vs. McCain tracking poll change in the coming months?

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