Facebook: By Adding This App, You Agree to Be Used in an Ad

facebook app beaconThis kind of caught me by surprise — I’ve never seen it — even in the small print of a Facebook App — where adding an application to your profile equivocates signing away your likeness to said app for use in an add on your friends’ profiles. Here’s my friend Patrick Neeman of Speaktech being totally USED and I wonder if he even knows it?

Is this unique to the “Friends for Sale” App being advertised here or is this a standard policy allowed by developers who build Facebook Apps? Seems a little much to me… What do you think?

3 Replies to “Facebook: By Adding This App, You Agree to Be Used in an Ad”

  1. Actually, this is happening with all applications. But, you can block it, you know?!?! No, I didn’t know either… until I went snooping around (sure Facebook’s safe – if you spend hours trying to figure out your privacy settings!)
    Click “Privacy”, then “News Feeds and Mini Feeds”, then “Social Ads”

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