Stephen Colbert on the Splintering GOP: ‘I Endorse Barack Obama’

What has the world come to?

Transcript below:

Nation, I have been seeing a disturbing trend in this election. Prominent conservatives and Republicans have been endorsing Senator Barack Obama. This weekend, former Mass. governor William Weld threw his hat into the “Hope” ring. Jimmy?

Weld: He obviously possesses keen intelligence, he has demonstrated excellent judgment, and he has first class political temperament.

For the record, McCain also has a first class temperament, it just happens to be the temperament of a rabid badger in first class. You do not want to be late with his warm nuts.

But Weld’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. And not just because 90% of Republicans are spending this election hiding under water. Other once proud and reliable Republicans are coming out for Obama, including Susan Eisenhower, Colin Powell, former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan, and former Rumsfeld advisor Ken Adelman. Not to mention yesterday’s shocking endorsement by lifelong Republican Yosemite Sam, who said of Obama:

“Consarnit! This lily-livered rackin’ frackin’ varmint would restore America’s image in the world stage. Ka-blam. Pow.”

That is a surprising endorsement, considering how bitterly he clings to his guns.

Nation, I have no choice but to respond to my fellow prominent conservatives who have the gall to endorse Barack Obama. Which brings me to tonight’s Word: I Endorse Barack Obama.

And this, moments after Sen. Obama appeared with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show:

And last night, Jeff Tweedy joined Colbert and then Wilco debuted a new song called “The Wilco Song.” Watch the video below:

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