WMD in Iraq – if you can’t find ’em….

La Repubblica reports that the Italian network Rai 24 broadcast a documentary detailing the U.S. military’s use of chemical weapons in the Fallujah campaign of late 2004.

Watch the 27 minute video hosted at Information Clearing House and be forewarned – the content is a day-wrecker.

A better translation of the article can be found at TPMCafe. Gruesome, graphic photographs can be found at the bottom of this page on uruknet.

In the film, both eyewitnesses and ex-U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq confirm that “white phosphorus bombs had been used against civilians in the insurgent-held city,” according to BBC News.

The documentary, titled “Fallujah – the hidden massacre” is being recognized as disinformation by the U.S. government and at this point it is not clear what the legitimacy of the footage and/or the fallout from this will be.

Paper Tigress at Daily Kos posted this Monday morning.

The news stories and video that I have just witnessed are so sickening and upsetting, I can only hope this reference to the use of White Phosphorous on civilians is in fact “disinformation.” Hopefully the current Operation Steel Curtain is going much smoother despite the media’s comparisons to last year’s Fallujah battle.

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  1. I agree Avenger… but I also feel that the passive-laziness of the American media promotes rash anti-Americanism as well. Why does every air strike kill only terrorists. Putting “terrorists” or “insurgents” in quotes and attributing it “the DoD reports,” in no way represents that there is a possibility that innocents were killed. In fact, the everyday reader is more likely to believea government report than anything else.

  2. Hello!

    Man – that video was horrifying.

    It was also a bit over-the-top. I am an avowed pacifist and I’ll support anything that teaches idiots the simple message that WAR IS BAD. That documentary is an anti-American hit-piece. I don’t have a real problem with that, but in the pursuit of the truth it’s something one should keep in mind.

    BTW – I will be posting some more French/Arab protest music/hip hop tonight.

  3. I think that this story is here to stay. The evidence seems overwhelming, especially considering thatt the US admits to the use of the phosphorous – though not as a weapon

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