U.S. Paid Miami Journalists to Smear Castro Regime

Anyone interested in — or reporting on — Cuba best check their sources. The U.S. Office of Cuba Broadcasting paid anywhere from $15,000 to $175,000 to disseminate information attacking Cuba to the 10 journalists below. The Miami Herald reported Friday:

At least 10 South Florida journalists, including three from El Nuevo Herald, received regular payments from the U.S. government for programs on Radio Martí and TV Martí, two broadcasters aimed at undermining the communist government of Fidel Castro. The payments totaled thousands of dollars over several years.

If you’ve repeated information gleaned from reports by any of the below reporters, chances are they were influenced by massive gobs of dinero from the U.S. government and likely are lacking in accuracy and/or genuinity!

10 journalists fired over Cuba source: Miami Herald online