Is the Media Telling the Real Story in Iraq?

Reuters / Global Voices are hosting a very intriguing forum this evening:

In your country, how does the media’s Iraq coverage rate? […] Have blogs helped clarify things or added to the confusion? We want to bring the opinions of the world’s bloggers on this issue directly into the debate. Please join us for a live discussion on Wednesday at 22:00-24:00 GMT (6-8pm EDT).

Reuters will be hosting a panel discussion which will be videocast and audio cast via this link:

A panel of notable bloggers will join a panel of journalists on the ground (including Roger Cohen of the International Herald Tribune, CBS’ Lara Logan and Reuters’ Alastair MacDonald).

The conversation starts now. More here and here.


Meanwhile, the Washington Post gets their “real story” straight from the U.S. budget for Iraq. Today’s article alleges that funding cutbacks for building democracy in Iraq:

….Threatens projects that teach Iraqis how to create and sustain political parties, think tanks, human rights groups, independent media outlets, trade unions and other elements of democratic society.

Kevin Drum saw this coming from miles.

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