Twitter Updates for the week ending 2008-12-21

  • – Club nokia tip: VIP seats are public, excl. Access to front rows of balcony + lounge, buy at TM #
  • – David johanssen and new york dolls STILL bring it @clubnokia #
  • a little late – but considering CES with @redwell. Anyone want to go in on a hotel room / suite for Jan 9-10 (maybe 8th too) in Las Vegas? #

  • nice one Ed Reed. I’m in the finals in my 2 fantasy leagues having finished the reg season in 6th and last place respectively. Go figure! #
  • – Krizaziest karaoke partay of all time with tiki tiki @thekillerpitch #
  • excited about Hilda Solis for secretary of Labor. Main sponsor of 2007 Green Jobs Act and a passionate union backer. #
  • bookmarking Berkman Center’s Media Re:public report for weekend browsing — The Future of News in a Digital Age #
  • Ridiculous pile of chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, biscotti, just appeared in the kitchen wrapped in cellophane #
  • Funnest, freshest new Christmas album this year is Verve/Remixed Christmas, imho: what are your fave holiday releases? #
  • watching: snow falling in the hills above Malibu via ABC7 — dark as night here in BH. #
  • feeling for all who are traveling today. off to beat the rain to work work work all day. aint got no delays #
  • – Celebrating #CC6 with @lessig cake at uWink @lageekdinner #
  • almost @lageekdinner / #cc6 bday with special cake toppings. free culture all night long! #
  • His Name was on the Door: Clients know that Bernard Madoff has a personal interest in maintaining the unblemished record.. #
  • Today’s the last day to tell the City of LA how crappy their website is and what to do about it. via @LAist #
  • Happy 6th birthday Creative Commons – Los Angeles CC aficionados celebrate tonight at uWink, please RSVP for headcount: #
  • Horrifying story, but, i cant’ help myself: mysterious slaying of young blonde used to announce return of Nancy Grace makes me sick #
  • Relieved to hear Jamie Tarabay reporting *not* from the front lines in Iraq. A true NPR hero. With a killer Aussie accent. #
  • @tomdog thanks for the shout-out East Coast! And @mvermut, much appreciate the feedback. Do return for fresh toonage later this week! in reply to tomdog #
  • Why The New Yorker podcasts are MF’in awesome: #
  • i’d love to see the bump in YouTube overlay ad clickthrus to @zappos ads as a result of the Bush / Shoe incident. #
  • @MissRFTC @artindeepkoma @ckieff but nowhere am I identified as “into fish” pescetarian… unless Coho = caucasian. or Hemingway fan. in reply to MissRFTC #
  • About 3 times each week I get random unsolicited “hey” IMs from usernames including “coho” today it was hungrycoho. This is very annoying. #
  • @jdlasica AlwaysOn Breakout was canceled. A billion other reasons to visit Los Angeles, regardless… in reply to jdlasica #
  • this just in: LA is celebrating Creative Commons 6th Birthday at Geek Dinner uWink tomorrow night. Come one and all! #
  • RT @dcarli Bush administration officials are trying to put the brakes on FCC’s plan for free national wireless Internet: #
  • @Lotay I’m a paintball virgin, truth be told. in reply to Lotay #
  • @lotay we’re definitely down to posse up for a NYE getaway… a great thot for a rainy monday in reply to Lotay #
  • intrigued to find out #LATechPaintball is on my birthday weekend. having laser tag flashbacks #
  • – @laist holiday party in full effect. Thanks
    Macallan 15! #

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