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Twitter Updates for the week ending 2008-12-07

  • innovation: 1)must ensure net neutrality b4 investing in innovation/infrastructure/govt incentives 2) #
  • concensus for action: 1) make internet a public utility, distant 2) gov’t reform 3) education #ife #
  • Off to #IFE Internet for everyone interactive town hall. Will miss #HHill, #time4wine but will represent ur ideas and Q’s. Bring em on! #
  • Nice to see nic and everyone @theroxy. Now to Seven Grand. Hoping it’s not packed. Dey got jackalopes dere! Who’s downtown? Hit me! #
  • I am happy to be the boy dragged to boring Keane show. I love the music u hate, after all. But why the 2 casios? I will catch @redwell i … #
  • going to InternetForEveryone town hall tomorrow near USC. RU? Let’s help shape the future of internet policy #
  • @docwho76 got it, thanks. change is good. i can be patient for 2.7 i like upgrayyyds. in reply to docwho76 #
  • any update on WordPress 2.7? I thought it was to be released last night? Not talking about the Release Candidate, but the real deal. *antsy* #
  • I just ‘wagged about @lalawag: #
  • Celebrating @redwell’s birthday at cafe was. Brown bagged flasks are on the menu. The xmas tree is on the ceiling. #
  • RT @latimestech: Study: Nearly half of world’s jailed journalists come from Web – … :-O Free teh internetz! #
  • Also, I broke @redwell’s iPhone on day one trying to install latest firmware. I am worst boyfriend evar! Wish her a happy birthday w/ me! #
  • Happiesit birthday ever to @redwell !! I’m so lucky to get to spend so much time with you, Lisa! Enjoy. #
  • @jacobsoboroff makes the UK tabloids! Congrats my man! Do Tell! in reply to jacobsoboroff #
  • NDTV’s Barkha Dutt answers to “those who charged [the media] with crimes” in reporting of #mumbai terror attacks. #
  • @MissRFTC yay. I can’t NOT see Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings whenever they’re in town. See ya there! in reply to MissRFTC #
  • AT&T won’t let me turn 2nd line for 3G Wireless card into phone line. must pay $175 to get outta contract with the device. Arrgggh! #
  • anyone know what/where VIP 21+ seating is at Club Nokia (LA Live)? thinking of jumping on the presale for Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings! #
  • this weeks trend in GMail spam in Inbox for me: automated responses in foreign languages from people with seemingly fake names. Anyone else? #
  • @TheKillerPitch don’t be sorry. they shouldn’t blame the messenger to begin with. maybe suggest a name change from “AlwaysOn” though 😉 in reply to TheKillerPitch #
  • Oh thanks for FriendConnect “hook up,” Google. Will export all Yahoo Mosh 360, Pownce, Friendster contacts and kozmo preferences str8 to you #
  • NBCU cutting 3% of workforce per @TVNewser. Can’t help but think of their unlistenably horrendous Olympic cov’g. Bring good things to life. #
  • just opted-in (after long ago opting-out) to Facebook’s “social ads.” Cause why would I NOT want my friends to see me. I’m not buyin nothing #
  • Like Gov. Granholm’s public/private partnership for electric car battery solution as heard on NPR Day to Day. American made renewable en … #
  • @karinagrotz please ask Bill Murray what he thinks of the Cubs 2009 chances. or has he completely forgotten about baseball (as I have)? in reply to karinagrotz #
  • @jackiepeters @nicolejordan I sure hope @techkaraokeLA is a weekly thang. Make it happen! Make it reality show. Be there next time fer sho. in reply to JackiePeters #
  • Does Hulu download progressively? Is it worth pausin and waiting if it gets choppy? Wired to a weak 1-4Mbps TWC conx and struggling here. #
  • Only annoying thing about GrandCentral: one missed call = VMs in 3 places + texts + email. Oh and also inability to invite / open accounts #
  • Is vlingo accurate for is this who follow who drive me crazy point I guess it is not very accurate.”, and percent ampersand #
  • @Guru_7Grand is now following me. Or at least the Ning site is. I’d think Guru would know to spell Gang Starr with 2 R’s, don’t you? #
  • @docwho76 tho Blackberry Bold has standard headpwn jack. BUT it has a 3rd ring… I unknowingly stripped this it seems by using as Aux Out. in reply to docwho76 #
  • @docwho76 the final straw may have been that I just realized that using non-Blackberry audio-out cords BREAKS the headphone jack on Bold in reply to docwho76 #
  • @docwho76 yes enterprise server. But hold ups seem unrelated and varied. I run multiple apps simultaneously, so glitches may likely be on me in reply to docwho76 #
  • May return my Blackberry Bold on day 30. Too many crashes, hold ups. Love the keyboard. Will have to play with alternatives over coming … #
  • @Mickipedia video er… Sounds like Zombie Micki is just hitting her stride? in reply to Mickipedia #
  • @lotay consider your shout-out shouted, my friend. in reply to lotay #
  • Hangin with @acoolong, @thekillerpitch, other koowul peeps at Jones on SaMo cajoling with @bushmanbill before he leaves us for Seattle. #
  • @tonyadam I *favorited* that last one. I mean… aren’t we all? You’re just trying to capitalize on nerd / geek / dork Twitter SEO 😉 in reply to tonyadam #
  • RT @mikeprasad from Roski NFL pitch: LA stadium 1.9 mil sq feet, 73k seats, medical center, 25k parking, 1.1M sq ft retail, offices, “green” #
  • Tribune prints 2 huge ads about Obama’s birth certificate. Sam Zell will take anyone’s money. Will Zarqawi buy ads next? #

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