The Race is On

John Edwards barrels ahead in his quest for presidential candidacy with an essay in this Sunday’s Washington Post:

I was wrong…. It was a mistake to vote for this war in 2002…. A key part of restoring America’s moral leadership is acknowledging when we’ve made mistakes or been proven wrong — and showing that we have the creativity and guts to make it right.

He or she who wins in ’08,  may very well be the one that emerges as a leader in bringing this country off its knees as one. It is impossible to even consider campaign tactics three years out when the future is so heavily contingent on the very real and very dire issues requiring immediate attention before they envelop our national and foreign policies like a virus.

Edwards’ essay, “The Right Way in Iraq,” spends little time criticizing the Bush Administration and instead outlines a multi-point plan to “fix” Iraq.

When Hillary Clinton was asked how she felt about her vote for the Iraq war on the Oct. 25 NPR All Thing’s Considered, she declined to respond, insisting it was too important a question to give a quick, hasty answer. (Listen).

A Pew Foundation poll released in late October shows Edwards as not just a solid contender, but with the highest approval ratings of potential candidates at this early stage.

Most importantly, Edwards’ editorial breaks down the wall for other Congressmen to shamelessly admit they were mistaken and now must come up with a solution.

Peering into the crystal ball, I anticipate heroes in the near term.

BONUS: Bob Moser writes a compelling profile of “candidate” Edwards in the November 28, 2005 Nation, available online now for your reading pleasure.

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