TechCrunch Disrupt Photos and Notable Quotes

techcrunch disrupt 2010 nycThe TechCrunch Disrupt conference is underway and I’ll be using this space to index notes and photos from the sessions, the demo floor, hallways, and parties as well as some of the best snippets and quotes from the event. Watch the event live at Monday – Wednesday May 24-26.

Click here for day two coverage.


  • “I’m most amazed by, What I don’t know, What is my curiosity to know” – Charlie Rose (source)
  • “…the smaller the screen, the less time you have to watch” – entertainment panel, (a href=”″>source)
  • Funnyordie does $10M+ in ad revenues – (source)
  • “tv will be on the internet as long as the advertising is there to support it” – Andrew Steele of (source)
  • “Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook are the four great horsemen of the Internet” – John Doerr source
  • on GQ – 250,000 sessions since iPad launched. 40% on iPhone and 60% on iPad. Vanity Fair has had 35,000 since launch, 90% iPad – source
  • Arrington welcomed Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz to the stage with a hearty, “How the fuck are you?” but Bartz got the last word in and then some. Search Arrington Bartz fuck off or just watch the instant classic below:

  • We’re going to Craigslist the AP…. a monopoly that’s ripe for destruction by web platform – @scottkarp @publish2
  • Judges responding to Publish2 with painful use of metaphors: “It’s sorta like selling new paint to the Titanic” – Phillip Kaplan; “It’s selling vitamins to the dinosaurs” – Jeffrey Bussgan (via

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